Ping Post Auction


Ping Post enables you to send partial lead information to your Buyers API and based on the response, you can create rules to decide if you want to send the full lead data.  Ping Post Auction enables you to do exactly this but to send the partial lead data to multiple Buyers at the same time to receive a "bid" for the lead.  Based on the rules you set, the highest bidder (by default) would receive the full lead data.

Context Example
Let's assume you generate leads in the Solar industry.  You have a panel of Buyers that you supply leads to and your Buyers have the [technical] ability to receive partial data to make a bid for the lead you are presenting to them.  The data you send them in the "Ping" may include the Postcode, Roof Shade, Homeowner Status.  Your Buyers will review the ping data in real-time and decide what the lead is worth and respond in real-time with a bid for the lead i.e. £10.  Once all the bids have been received, the Buyer with the highest bid will get "post", which contains the full lead data.

Buyer Technical Requirements
For this to work, your Buyer will need to have an API that provides you with the ability to send partial data (the ping), is able to send back a response (the bid) and is then able to receive the full lead data (the post).  If you are speaking to a Buyer about Ping Post Auction, they will have the API system in place to enable you to work with them.

Why Ping Post Auction
It is a great way to maximise your income per lead.  With LeadByte, you can set a reserve price and set the rules that the highest bidder gets the lead.  Also, it is standard in some niches such as Solar or Finance.  Most common in the USA too.

LeadByte setup
Ultimately to achieve Ping Post Auction, you will need to be using Advance Distribution, you can read more about that here.  For Ping Post Auction, you will need to select the delivery method "auction" and the deliveries need to be toggled on.  Auction can also be used with the Hybrid delivery method (see below for more).

This (image below) is the section under your campaign settings that you will need to setup to achieve Ping Post Auction.  You have the option to set the reserve price, which is the minimum bid you will accept to qualify posting the lead to the Buyer.


Ping Post Auction in the Hybrid delivery method
Ping Post Auction can be used in our Hybrid delivery method and might commonly be used where you have Buyers that do not have the ability to be part of the auction but you know will always pay more.  In this instance you could create a setup where you post first to these Buyers (in priority order or as part of a weighting) and only if the lead is rejected you then drop it into the auction.

In the example below, we have 2 Buyers in Group 1 (weighted distribution) and 3 Buyers in the auction.  Those in the auction will all receive the partial lead data IF the Buyers in group 1 reject the lead in real-time or where the lead does not match their requirements.


How do I see the auction results?

When a lead has been processed from the leads screen, you have the option to click on the Lead ID.  This will pop a window that enables you to eye-ball the deliveries.  You will be able to see the activity i.e. the Ping, the response, the reason for being skipped (if not posted to the delivery).


Q. What is the difference between Ping Post and Ping Post Auction?
A. With Ping Post Auction, partial data (the Ping) is sent to multiple Buyers at once, the highest bidder gets the full data (post). 

Guide on how to create Ping Post deliveries here.

Q. Do all my deliveries need to be Ping Post?
A. No. They must be Ping Post to at least be able to do the Ping & Post exchange.  If you put a non Ping Post delivery into the auction, the revenue amount set against the delivery will be the fixed bid.  Examples of non Ping Post deliveries would be Direct Post, Email, SMS, Store Lead.

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