Standard and Advanced Lead Distribution


Advance Distribution enables you to schedule the way in which leads are allocated to a delivery (often referred to as a Buyer Contract).  This article covers Weighted, Priority, Hybrid and Multi-Sell.

With the exception of "Multi-sell", using advanced distribution is a great way of making sure your leads are single sold.

What is a Delivery?
Think of a delivery as a Buyer Contract, it identifies who is Buying the lead, the method for delivering the lead (Email, API, SMS), what determines if a lead should be assigned to the delivery (available budget, data logic) and how much the lead is sold for (what your buyer/client pays).


Standard Delivery
A standard delivery will deliver leads without any distribution logic (such as a weighting).  It will deliver the lead if the a rule is matched or cap is available.  If a delivery has no rules, all leads entering the campaign will be delivered. If all deliveries on your campaign are standard, then this could result in the lead being multi-sold.

Priority Distribution (aka Ping Tree)

Most refer to this as a PingTree.  Priority distribution delivers to leads in a top-down approach, typically ordered by payout (buyer paying the most at the top). 

In the example below, a lead would be sent to Buyer 3 first.  If the buyer accepts the lead the journey stops, else it will continue to the next buyer (and so on).


Priority - Multi Sell

If you'd like to sell leads to multiple buyers in your priority list, checking this box will allow you do just that.  The lead will move down your priority list in order and the number you place in the box will limit the number of times the lead is sold.



Weighted Distribution

Weighted distribution allows you to spread out your leads between linked deliveries (buyer contracts).  In the example below...

50% of all leads will be sent to Buyer 3 as they give £3.00 

30% of all leads will be sent to Buyer 2 as they give £2.00

20% of all leads will be sent to Buyer 1 as they give £1.00


The button at the top labelled "distribute leads evenly" allows you to do just that and send and spread your leads out between multiple deliveries.



In some instances, you may need to consider grouping your distribution to achieve a blend of Priority and Weighted Distribution.  This is what Hybrid achieves!  Hybrid is split up into groups. The lead will follow Group 1's delivery setup first and only move to Group 2's delivery setup if unsold.

In the example below, the lead will first enter Group 1 and follow priority distribution. It will try Buyer 1 first and, unless sold, try Buyer 2 followed by Buyer 3.  However, if the lead is not sold to Buyers 1, 2 or 3 it will then pass to Group 2 - Weighted distribution.

Here it will be delivered to the relevant buyer in order to maintain a 50/50 split of leads sent between Buyers 4 and 5. You can change the weighting % to how you see fit by unticking "Distribute leads evenly".


Hybrid - Multi Sell 

Separate from our priority multi-sell feature, the Hybrid multi-sell allows you to class the deliveries in the final group of your hybrid setup as "standard".   So if the lead is unsold in all groups above, then the lead will be sent to ALL deliveries linked in the multi sell group.


Keep in mind

If a delivery is toggled to RED this does not mean the delivery has been disabled, it just means it is no longer part of the advanced distribution config. If toggled RED the delivery in question will run alongside the advanced distribution.

This can potentially result in leads being double sold.

The example below displays that despite Buyer 1 and Buyer 4 being turned off on the weighted delivery, they are still linked to the campaign (red box).

Any leads which meet the rules of these deliveries will be sent, which means a lead could potentially be sent to 3 buyers.



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