Go High Level - Add lead to a Marketing Campaign


For this to work you will need to have a Marketing Campaign in GHL



With every Marketing Campaign a Campaign ID is generated.  This is required in your LeadByte delivery setup.  When you create a contact in GHL to start a Marketing Campaign you not only need to pass over the personal data but also declare for what Marketing Campaign ID.

Create Delivery in LeadByte

1. Enter in your GHL URL i.e. https://api.gohighlevel.com/campaign/start
2. Select the action "Direct Post" and choose "JSON Post" as the remote system.
3. Add your JSON data to the payload builder (example below)
4. Add custom headers for API Authorization (as shown here). You will find your API Key in GHL under Settings > Business Info.
5. Add success response code (http status 200)

Example data for payload builder

"campaign_id": "ENTER_YOUR_ID",
"first_name": "[firstname]",
"last_name": "[lastname]",
"phone": "[phone1]",
"extrafield": "[ssid]"

In the above example, we have created the custom field called "extrafield".  The JSON is how you would pass in a value to that field.


- How do I book an appointment in GHL from LeadByte? 

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- I need to add a contact to GHL, how do I do that? 
You can find how to add a contact in the following article -  How to add a contact to GHL 

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