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Adding Lead as a Contact in GHL

To successfully add a contact you will need the following from GHL:

1. The URL to post the lead to in GHL
Check that this is the correct URL in GHL to post to: https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/contacts/
Further reading here: https://developers.gohighlevel.com/#17e15b4d-34c7-4b55-9c38-5c32d09b44e8

2. The GHL API key
Get the API key, you will need to add this to your LeadByte Delivery as a Header
You should find this under Company Settings.  You need this for Header Authorization when setting up your delivery in LeadByte.


3. The Fields + Any Custom FieldID's
This is needed to create your delivery.  If you need to post to custom fields in GHL you will need to know what the ID is as this is used. 

Note: To create/access your GHL custom fields go to the sub-account you want to send the leads to > Setting > Custom Fields. You should use the "Field Key" for any custom fields.

Create Delivery in LeadByte
1. Enter the GHL URL i.e. https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/contacts/
2. Select the action "Direct Post" and choose "JSON Post" as the remote system.
3. Add your JSON data to the payload builder (example below)
4. Add custom headers for API Authorization (example below)
5. Add success response code (http status 200)

Example data for payload builder

"email": "[email]",
"name": "[firstname] [lastname]",
"city": "[towncity]",
"state": "[data1]",
"address1": "[street1]",
"postalCode": "[postcode]",
"phone": "[phone1]",
"customField": {
"lead_image": "[data3]",
"county": "[county]"


Example Header Authorization. 
The field value is Bearer {api_value}.


Make sure you test the delivery using the "Test" button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I book an appointment in GHL from LeadByte? 

See How to book an appointment in a calendar

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