Connecting ContactForm7 Forms to LeadByte


In this article we shall outline what you need to do to post form registration data from Contact Form 7 (CF7) into LeadByte.  In order to do this successfully you will need the following:

1. Contact Form 7
2. Plugin Forms: 3rd-Party Integration or equivalent

We shall assume that you know how to use CF7 and that you have installed the plug-in above or equivalent.  Based on the this plug-in you simply need to:

1. Enter in your LeadByte campaign POST URL (basic integration guide here)
2. Select your CF7 form
3. Map your CF7 fields to LeadByte fields (3rd-Party-Field)

Below is an image of the 3rd-Party Integration that many LeadByte clients use.  If yours looks different to this, let us know and we will happily review what you have and whether it is compatible.



Can you recommend any other CF7 API integration plugins?
We encourage you to do your own research, but we have seen this option (we have not tested it).


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