Generating an integration guide (Basic or REST API)- 🎥


 What is an Integration?

This is the part of the system where you can generate posting / integration guides.  When you have created a campaign, you can generate these guides so suppliers can then be certain on how to send leads through API, into your campaigns. You can also use this section to test posting a lead into your campaign.





Listed here will be your campaigns, suppliers to choose from and then standard fields. The fields that you have made required in your campaign will automatically be ticked but you can tick optional fields at this stage.

You can then choose between: Generating a guide and sending guide through email outlined above. Generating a posting guide will produce a public URL which you can send to your suppliers.

An example guide can be found here -

An API code showing the URL to post with values such as [firstname] which can be edited to reflect sample values.

Example below:[email]&firstname=[firstname]&lastname=[lastname]&street1=[street1]&country=[country]&phone1=[phone1]

Below this is a testing API with suggested testing values generated for you. You can use this to submit test leads to your campaign. Sample values will not be generated for additional fields and you would need to supply these yourself when testing. 


Optimised REST API  

The majority of the information will be the same as the above however you will need to select a supplier and ensure you have a REST API key which can be used to authenticate the submit lead POST into LeadByte.

The POST will need to be in JSON format, an example of which can be found when you've generated the guide, and the posting URL will also be different between the 2 versions.

If you need any further information about how to set up your REST API key, this article should help

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