Resubmitting System Rejections


This article explains:

- Why you would resubmit leads
- How to resubmit leads that have been rejected against a campaign
- What options you have when resubmitting
- How to filter on the leads screen all leads that have been resubmitted

Why would I resubmit leads that have been rejected?

In most instances if you have set your campaign up correctly you will find that rejections are legitimate, which may include duplicates, invalid field values (phone, postcode/zip), cap exceeded etc.  However, it may be that a perfectly good lead has been rejected because of a setup error. 

Here are some common reasons why leads may be resubmitted: 

- Campaign cap has been exceed but your Buyer wants more leads
- Supplier is not authorised to submit leads to the campaign
- A campaign filter has been set up wrong
- Allowed values against a field have not been updated
- A field has been set to required which you are not collecting on your web form
- Live validation has failed
- Campaign is inactive

How to resubmit leads

The following video shows you how to resubmit 1 lead.  If you want to resubmit many, you can select more OR use the "All results" action.  In this example the lead has been rejected because the broadband provider is not an expected value.  After inspecting the record and seeing a valid value, we resubmit the lead and skip the field validation.  To avoid further rejections one would add the provider to the allowed values.


What options you have when resubmitting

When resubmitting leads you have the ability to skip specific functions that are performed when leads are processed against a campaign.  Below is a screen shot of these options with an explanation below as to what they are.


Field validation:  This includes allowed values, profanity, data type checks.  
Filters: Any filters you have setup will be skipped
Dedupe: Duplication rules that you have created will be skipped including Advanced duplication
Caps: You have the ability to reject leads if a campaign cap has been reached, you can skip this.
Validation: This covers billable validation such as Mobile, Email, IP, TPS etc.  You can skip this.

How can I filter by leads that I have resubmitted?

From the leads screen you have the option to filter by leads resubmitted from system rejections.


What else do I need to know?

- When leads are resubmitted, they MAY still be rejected dependent on what filters you decide to skip
- You can not report on resubmitted leads from reports (only filter by leads screen)
- Leads resubmitted will contain a new received date/time when the lead is valid

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