Filters explained 🎥


What is a Filter?

Filters help you create rules used to either accept or reject leads based on campaigns fields.  For example, you may set up a filter to reject a list of postcodes that your buyer has provided you.  Alternatively, you may only wish to accept leads where the age is between 18-35 only (the list goes on) or build a filter to reject profanities.

Filters can be found under the Campaigns tab.  When you create a filter it can either be specific to a campaign OR used across multiple campaigns.  You are able to paste up to 10,000 records into a rule, which can be useful if, for example, your buyer provides you with a list of postcodes to exclude.

How to create a Filter
This video takes you through filters and how to create a filter to reject specific leads.

Combining Rules 
One of the most important and complex features of LeadByte is combining Rules within one filter. The key to creating stable filters is understanding the logic of AND/OR rules

ALL rules must be met for the filter to apply

ONE rule only must be met for the filter to apply

Using this logic, it is possible to create very specific rules.  Remember, a rule is created to either accept or reject leads so be sure that you are confident with the logic!  If you have any challenges with creating a rule please do raise a ticket.




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