Supplier Payout Options


There are various ways in which you can attribute a payout to a Supplier, this article covers the options to include:

- Pay Per System Accept
- Pay Per Buyer Delivery Accept
- Payout Lead Types
- Supplier Responses


System Accept (previously Pay per lead accept - PPLA)

System accept will result in you paying your Supplier for each valid lead which enters your Campaign.  A valid lead is one that is not a system rejection.  All valid leads can be seen from the Search Lead screen.  A valid lead would be one that (for example) passes Filters, Duplication, Validation etc.

When using this payout option, you have two options:- Pay a "Fixed" amount or based on "Lead Type" (see below for more details).  The fixed amount allows you to enter in the Payout Amount on the Campaign.  You can either set an amount that is paid to all Suppliers or set specific payout per Supplier under the Supplier section within the Campaign settings (image below).



Note: With Pay Per System Accept If you enter in a Revenue amount for a Buyer on the Campaign settings screen that will be used unless the Campaign has a Delivery associated to it with a Buyer and Revenue set against the Delivery.  In this instance, the Buyer Delivery revenue will take precedent.


Buyer Delivery Accept (previously Pay per buyer accept - PPBA)

Buyer delivery accept will result in you paying your Supplier for each lead sold to a Buyer. The Buyer will have their own requirements so it’s a good idea to make sure any leads being delivered to them match those requirements using rules on the delivery.

With Buyer delivery accept you can only place the Buyer financial information on the delivery screen.  You have the choice of paying your Supplier a fixed amount or a percentage of your Buyer revenue using Buyer Delivery Accept. However the out of hours payment can only be used in conjunction with fixed amount. More information on these limitations can be found here.

Payout Lead Types
The payout type "Lead Type" can be used with the "Pay Per System Accept" model.  It allows you to pay a Supplier based on rules.  For example, you may wish to pay a Supplier £50 if the lead is a Homeowner and £100 is they are a First Time Buyer.  Lead Types will help you achieve this.

You can create Lead Types under Campaign > Settings > Lead Types.


In the example above, Agency Y has a payout of £35 If the value against the field Shade is "No", AgencyX are paid £38.  Any other Suppliers would be paid £30.00 if the rule is correctly matched.  In the event that the value received does not match, the payout amount set at the Campaign level would be used (unless another Lead Type is matched).


Supplier Responses (Classic API)

The response your suppliers will receive varies slightly between System and Buyer Delivery Accept. This is due to the system waiting for the Buyers response in a Buyer delivery accept campaign before payout can be confirmed. 


System Accept:

Note: The payout is "complete" (confirmed)


Buyer Delivery Accept


Note: The payout is "Pending" (Not Confirmed)

System Accept (with Supplier Payout):



Supplier Responses (REST API)

When submitting via the REST API, by default for both supplier payout types, you will receive a Queue ID with no further information - 

    "status": "Success",
    "code": 1,
    "message": "",
    "results": [
            "queueId": "ac1e0a1a-6d6fd2fa-64ca2c28-a4df-22853cc1",
            "status": "Queued",
            "code": 1


If your Suppliers need to get the sold status of the lead AND your campaign is Buyer Delivery accept there's further reading available here.


Q - Is it possible to respond with the payout amount in the API response back to my Suppliers?
A - Yes!  If you are using Pay Per System Accept you can enable the option "Output commission to suppliers on response" under the Advance Settings of the Campaign.  For Pay Per Buyer Delivery Accept, you would need to use Live Buyer Responses.

Q - When using "Lead Type", can I have multiple Lead Type rules linked to a Campaign?  If so, what happens if the same logic is matched?
A- Yes, all rules will be processed.  In the event there is a match, the first (created) rule will be used.  Each Lead Type has an "ID".  We would use the earliest ID in this case.

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