Live Buyer Responses


Live Buyer Responses enables you to get the final outcome of a lead once it has finished processing to all Deliveries.  For many of our clients (the most common usage case), Live Buyer Responses is used to be able to ultimately redirect a customer from a registration form to a specific landing page based on who acquired the lead.

Example For Context
I generate Life Insurance leads from a landing page that I have built and I have a panel of 15 Buyers, all of which have different lead criteria for purchasing a lead.  I want to redirect the customer to a dedicated thank you page based on which Buyer the lead was allocated to. 

For Live Buyer Responses to work the following must be considered:

- The Campaign needs to be set to Buyer Delivery Accept
- You need to use the REST API to submit leads (Version 1.3).
- You will need to configure the REST API Key to show the Buyer.
- You need to enable Live Buyer Responses on your Campaign.
- You will need to handle responses to be able to redirect on your site (as per the context example).


When you create a REST API Key, you will need to be sure it is the API version 1.3.  You will need to be sure that you have the permission to create a lead and that under the API Queue Settings you have configured "Append Buyer Data", "Include Buyer Fields" and "Include Buyer Statuses".  

Append Buyer Data: Select Approved
Include Buyer Fields: Select the Fields that you want to see in the response i.e. Buyer Name
Include Buyer Statuses: Select Sold

Enable Live Buyer Responses
To enable this feature, you need to go to Update Campaign Settings, scroll down to Advanced Settings and tick "Live Buyer Responses".  Remember to Save your changes!

Example Response
We return a JSON response.  The response you get back will be dependent on what you have configured on the REST API Key.  Below is an example response, which includes the Buyer ID, Name and Reference. 

This response is successful, the lead was "Approved".
{ "status": "Success", "code": 1, "message": "OK", "records": [ { "queueId": "ac1e0206-12eaee18-63765b37-471b-f60cd31d", "status": "Approved", "processed": "2022-11-17T16:03:04Z", "response": { "code": 1, "response": "OK", "info": [], "leadId": 7185867, "rejectionId": null, "redirectUrl": "", "processTime": 1.04, "timestamp": "2022-11-17T16:03:03Z" }, "deliveries": [ [], [], [] ], "buyers": [ { "id": "59", "name": "Buyer 2", "reference": "2" } ] } ] }

This response shows the lead as being "Rejected".
{ "status": "Success", "code": 1, "message": "OK", "records": [ { "queueId": "ac1e01fb-36a661b0-63765c64-8e7f-a35bba7d", "status": "Rejected", "processed": "2022-11-17T16:08:05Z", "response": { "code": 1, "response": "OK", "info": [], "leadId": 7185879, "rejectionId": null, "redirectUrl": "", "processTime": 1.03, "timestamp": "2022-11-17T16:08:04Z" }, "deliveries": [] } ] }


Q. How do I get the Buyer Name in the response?
A. You would need to select the Buyer Name in the "Include Buyer Fields" options under the REST Key.  This would apply to any other Buyer related Fields that you want.

Q. How do I get the lead data back in the Live Buyer Response
A. You would need to select the Fields you want in the "Include Lead Fields" options under the REST Key.

Q. What affects the speed of a Live Buyer Response
A. How long it takes to get back a response from all your Buyers API.

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