Deleting Leads


This article explains the various ways in which you can delete leads from a Campaign.  There are 4 ways in which you can delete leads from a Campaign:

1. From the leads screen (selecting all search results or selecting specific leads)
2. Deleting from Import (relevant only if you have imported leads)
3. Automatically deleting leads from Campaign settings
4. Purging leads from a Suppression Campaign (link to article here)
5. Deleting a Campaign

Deleting leads from Leads tab

You have two options; select individual leads to delete OR delete all leads from the search results.  Once you enter "DELETE", the lead(s) will be added to a queue for processing. The rate at which the lead(s) are deleted will depend on the account activity. You do not need to repeat the action if the lead isn't instantly removed.  Important: Leads CANNOT be recovered once deleted so please make sure you want to completely remove the selected leads permanently before hitting delete.  


Deleting leads from an import

If you import leads into Campaigns you do have the option to delete the leads directing from the Import screen.  Leads are not deleted immediately, as mentioned before it depends on the volumes and how busy your account is.  We recommend that you check the leads screen to get confirmation leads have been deleted.


Automatically deleting leads from Campaign settings

If you have a company policy where leads need to be deleted after X days, you can set this up automatically against your Campaigns reducing manual work and human mistake of forgetting.  Please see the video below on where you can do this from Campaign settings.


Deleting a Campaign

When deleting a Campaign, all leads are deleted too.  Deleting a campaign should be considered carefully and we advise that this function is only granted as a permission for users with the authority to do so.

When a Campaign is deleted, all linked entities (such as Responders, Deliveries, Export schedules) are also deleted.


When you delete a Campaign, it is moved into a "Pending Deletion" tab and is held there for 24 hours. This is meant as a safety net in case you accidentally delete the wrong Campaign. The Campaign will be auto deleted after 24 hours in this tab, but you can force a delete immediately by heading to the "Pending Deletion" tab and re-deleting your Campaign from here.



What else do I need to know when leads are deleted?

- Leads are not recoverable
- Leads are removed from Supplier and Buyer portal
- Reporting stats are updated


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