Purge all leads from Suppression campaign


If you need to clear out the leads in your suppression campaign BUT you don't want to go through the painstaking process of deleting 1000's of leads using the lead screen or the hassle of deleting the entire campaign then you'll want to use this feature.


We've added the ability for users to "purge" all leads in their suppression campaigns with just a few clicks:


Head to your suppression campaign tab > on the campaign you want to empty of leads, click Select + Purge leads:



Pay special attention to the warning message which pops up:



Video walkthrough:


Leads are then queued for deletion. This process is not instant and if you have 1000's of leads to delete you will need to have patience, start this process and check progress in an hour.



 - This process is irreversible. Once you have started this process, it cannot be stopped. All leads in the suppression campaign at the point of purging will be deleted. 


 - Any leads added to the campaign AFTER this process has started will NOT be deleted.


- Leads being deleted are queued. This process will NOT empty your campaign instantly.

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