Campaign Alerts


Campaign Alerts are great if you want to be alerted about activity on your campaigns.  By default, your account will not have any active alerts so you will need to configure them yourself however it is all very simply.  Below is a video showing you how 😉

Campaign Alert Types:

- Email
- WebHook

Examples of Campaign Alerts:

Send me an alert IF...

  • I have not received any leads in the last 30 minutes
  • My leads are being Unsold consecutively to my Buyers
  • I have delivered 80% of my budget to my Buyer
  • My export schedule has failed
  • I have not recorded SMS clicks in the last 60 minutes on my responders

Alerts are a great feature to notify you about a possible problem.  You can find this feature under the Campaigns tab > Alerts.  Below is an example of how to set up an Alert


How to Create an Alert


Step 1 

Give your Alert a name


Step 2 

Select an Alert.


Step 3 

Select how often you would like to be alerted.


Step 4 

Enter the email address you would like the alerts to be sent to.


Step 5

Select a time frame you want the alerts to be active (if applicable). 


Step 6

Set your time frame and campaign for the alert



As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket!

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