Buyer Payment Processing


LeadByte gives you the opportunity to collect payments from your Buyers through Stripe.  You connect to your Stripe account, the Buyer logs into LeadByte, adds their credit card, adds funds and you are good to go!


For most using LeadByte, Buyers pay via bank transfer and the credit would be added to the Buyers wallet manually.  Leads are only delivered if there is a balance.  However, with the Buyer Payment Processing, the Buyer can add funds themselves, securely processed via Stripe.


The article covers the following:


  1. How to connect to Stripe
  2. Buyer Payment permission
  3. How a Buyer adds a credit card and funds
  4. Useful alerts that you can setup


Connect to Stripe


First, login to your Stripe account.  In another tab, Open LeadByte and navigate to Admin > Billing > Connect Accounts.  You will have the option to “Connect to your Stripe account”.  When you click connect, you will be directed to a LeadByte <> Stripe page that enables you to connect your LeadByte account with Stripe.  If you have logged into Stripe already you will simply need to connect to the named account on the page.  Once you connect, you will be redirected back to LeadByte.  If successful, you will see the account you are connected to (see image below).  If at any point you want to disconnect from your Stripe account you can hit that red button “Disconnect”.




Connecting multiple Stripe accounts

You've got the option to connect multiple Stripe accounts and set which buyer payments go to which Stripe account. This would be especially useful if you collect payment in multiple currencies and have an account per currency. Or if you want to keep payments for a niche/vertical separated.


Connect your additional accounts by repeating the process detailed above. 

You'll notice that 1 account is marked as "default" and the others have a buyer dropdown.


Unless specified, the default account is the Stripe account which will receive all payments.

Use the dropdown to specify which buyers send to the other accounts.


If you have any errors or are unable to connect your account(s), please raise a support ticket.


Buyer Permission

You will need to give your Buyer(s) permission to add their card and funds.  To give permission, navigate to Campaigns > Buyers and edit (under actions).  Under Portal Access you need to tick “Payment”.  This will give the Buyer the permission to add their card(s) and add funds.  Note, under the edit Buyer page you will see at the bottom a Credit table / log.  All funds added (manually or via Stripe) can be seen here.  It will look something like this (below image).



How a Buyer Adds a credit card and funds

Firstly, your Buyer will need to login to their LeadByte portal.  This is only possible if you have created them as a user (Campaigns > Buyers > Edit > User Details).  Once logged in, the Buyer will have the option to Manage Payment Methods (add/remove cards) and add funds and see their transactions (Manage Balance).  


In the above example two cards are added by the Buyer.  The Buyer can add as many cards as they wish.



In the above example this shows the Buyer has a current balance of 31.00 and they can see their transactions related to adding credit including a link to your Stripe receipt.


When a Buyer successfully Adds Credit, the Net amount (exc Tax) is added to their balance (wallet).  This will be shown in their portal but also under the Buyer within your portal.  Each time a lead is sold to the Buyer the balance will be deducted by the amount the lead was sold for.  Note, the transactions table you see in the image above is a log of when credit is added (not a log of every lead sold).


Auto top-up

We allow Buyers the ability to auto-top up their balance when it hits a certain point. Find this option to the right of the card information on the buyer portal payment screen.


When the buyer balance drops below a certain threshold, LeadByte will charge the buyers card the amount set in the "auto topup amount" box.


Buyer VAT/Tax

Add the amount of VAT you'd charge to your edit buyer screen. Now when your buyer tops up, they will be charged the amount of credit they've requested + the % VAT value. Their credit will only increase by the amount of credit requested.


In the above example, my buyer has a VAT value of 50%. 

So if my buyer adds £100 credit, they will be charged £150.

£100 will be added to their credit balance.

£150 will be added to your Stripe account.



The most important alert is when the Buyer’s balance is getting low.  This is a nudge that they need to top up else they will stop receiving leads.  You can read more about Alerts here: The one that you should configure is “Buyer Credit nearly empty”.  You can set it up to send an email or fire a webhook.




Can I refund clients from LeadByte?

No, this is something you should do from Stripe.


If a Buyer is refunded, what should be done in LeadByte?

Once refunded from Stripe, you should add a manual negative credit to the Buyer.  You can do this under the Edit Buyer function.


How does currency work?

We are currencyLESS.  Most clients will charge in 1 currency.  You should note that if you collect $10,000 USD from a Buyer it is important that your Campaign currency is USD.


If a Buyer has no balance, will they still receive leads?

No.  If on your Delivery your Credit Type is “Use Buyer Credit”, a lead will only be sold if there is an available balance.

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