Connecting Google Ads to LeadByte


If you're looking to post out your Google lead form submissions directly to LeadByte, then you'll have no doubt encountered the issue with Google forms webhook output not being a compatible format for a LeadByte lead submission.  As a result, you'd typically need something sitting in the middle between the 2 (EG - Zapier).

However, the endpoint detailed below will take Googles output format and replace it with LeadByte's input format, without the need for middleware.


LeadByte Endpoint URL



Step by Step Guide

1) Take the above URL and replace the 1st Insert with your LeadByte domain and the 2nd Insert with your campaign ID.

2) Add a valid REST API key with lead creation permissions and paste it into the 3rd Insert.

If you're unsure on what permissions you need for the REST API key, then this article should guide you.

3) Next, paste this URL into your Google lead form webhook URL box.


If required, you can also statically map SID/SSID and multiple custom fields in your webhook URL. However, it is best practice to ensure these are mapped on your form before you publish it.


Field Mapping

Standard form field questions will be mapped automatically to the standard LeadByte campaign fields.

If you have any additional form fields to map, please reach out and raise a ticket.



Google doesn't allow you to customise your test data, so simply click the Send test data button on your form and check your account for a new lead. This test could ALSO be found in your system rejections, so make sure you check here too.


Please raise a support ticket with any questions or concerns.

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