Create REST API Key


Our REST API has a wide range of functionality. However, each and every request requires you to authenticate using a REST API key.

This article aims to explain the basics behind creating that key.


Step 1

Log into LeadByte and click on Admin tab > Tech Hub > REST API



Step 2

Next click on "Add new API Key" button and you'll be greeted with the below options



The Key type restricts the various options your key will have. An administrator key has ALL permissions available to it whereas Supplier and Buyer keys have permissions limited to what Suppliers and Buyers will need. It's also worth noting that a Supplier and Buyer key is linked to 1 specific Supplier/Buyer whereas an administrator key doesn't have this restriction.

Add your reference and leave the API version as 1.3 unless advised otherwise.

Finally, activate your key before use.


Step 3

Add the Permissions you want this key to handle by checking the relevant boxes



Clicking a Permission will also expand developer instructions further down the page



Step 4

Save changes and test!


The above is a VERY basic introduction into creating a REST API key. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket.

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