Add Buyer credit via REST API


This feature allows you to add Buyer credit via our REST API. Useful if you've followed the Create Buyers via REST API article and have your Buyers created in LeadByte or if you simply want to automate the adding of credit. 


Getting Started

In order to search via the REST API, you'll need a REST API key with the correct permissions.

Head to the Admin tab > Tech Hub > REST API to get started:

1) Create yourself an Administrator Key

2) Ensure the Administrator Key has the Credit > Add permission

3) Activate your Administrator Key


Adding credit

In order to add your Buyer credit, you'll be making a JSON Post to the below URL: 

UPDATEME -This is the name of your account. You will find this value in your account URL or on the integration guide. 

BID - You would find this under the column 'BID' under Campaign>Buyers.


With the following body:

"key": "[API KEY GOES HERE]",

"BID": "1234",

"amount": "100.00"



"status": "Success",
"message": "OK",
"warnings": [ ],


As always, please raise a support ticket with any questions or concerns.

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