Create Buyers via REST API


This feature allows you to create Buyers via our REST API, which useful if you have Buyers sign up via a form outside of LeadByte and you want to automate the Buyer account creation in LeadByte.


Getting Started

In order to search via the REST API, you'll need a REST API key with the correct permissions.

Head to the Admin tab > Tech Hub > REST API to get started:

1) Create yourself an Administrator Key

2) Ensure the Administrator Key has the Buyers > Create permission

3) Activate your Administrator Key


Creating your Buyer

In order to create your Buyer, you'll be making a JSON Post to the below URL:



With the following body:

"company": "MY-COMPANY"



"status": "Success",
"message": "Buyer record created",
"bid": 1234


The "company" field is the only required field when creating a Buyer and is used to give your Buyer a name in LeadByte.

You are able to add other Buyer related data. However, these fields are all optional.


Creating Your Buyer User

You can also add a Buyer User when initially creating a Buyer on LeadByte. This will allow the Buyer access to the Buyer Portal to view their leads, amongst other actions. You would use the same call as the above, but add the below required values:

"company": "MY-COMPANY",
"firstname": "Ange",
"lastname": " Postecoglou",
"email": ""



Full list available below - 

Field - Description

street1 - Buyer address
towncity -  Name of town/city
county - Name of county
postcode - Postcode
country_name - Name of country
phone - Phone number
external_ref - Buyer external reference
external_ref_2 - Buyer external reference 2
external_ref_3 - Buyer external reference 3
external_ref_4 - Buyer external reference 4
external_ref_5 - Buyer external reference 5

firstname - Buyer User first name

lastname - Buyer User last name

email - Buyer User email address


Adding Buyer credit via REST API

Now you've got your Buyer created in LeadByte, follow this article in order to add credit to them -

Add Buyer credit via REST API


As always, please raise a support ticket with any questions or concerns.

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