SMS Restrictions


LeadByte provides you with the ability to send a text message to most countries. We define the type of SMS into two categories - Marketing and Transactional.

Marketing messages are pushing a product or service. These type of messages require an initial opt-in to send and an opt-out path which allows them to be removed from any future marketing. 

Example: "Hi NAME, sale is now on. Click xxxxxxx to view products. Opt-out text STOP to xxxx" 

Transitional messages do not need an opt-out path as they tend to be a result of an action made by the end user such as Submitting a form or payment confirmation etc.

Example: "Thank you for your payment. Your account will be updated shortly"


Country Restrictions 
Each country will have its own restrictions. We encourage you to do your own due diligence but if you would like more information on a specific country we can advise. To get this information please raise a support ticket.  As a dedicated SMS platform, Twillio is a great point of reference for restrictions.  They will be one step ahead of the curve so you can always check their article base here:

A2P Guidelines
In the USA and Canada, businesses must identify themselves to the carrier networks when sending an SMS from an application (like LeadByte).  There are two things that the carriers require - Business and Campaign Registration.  Business registration is where you identify yourself, Campaign Registration is where you give examples of the messages you are sending and show proof that consumers opted in to receive these text messages.

We advise that our clients use Twillio for USA and Canada SMS messaging regardless of whether it is Marketing or Transactional.  Any unregistered numbers will likely be blocked and you will still be charged.  You can read more here:

If you have any additional questions re: A2P, we advise you speak to the likes of Twillio.  For anything else, please contact LeadByte support.


Can Leadbyte provide me with an opt-out number?

Yes this can be arranged, numbers are billable. You can request a number by reaching out to support.

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