Calculate Custom Fields


LeadByte allows you to create a "Calculated" field, used to create a value based on a calculation; most commonly using other Custom Fields.

You generate mortgage leads and distribute leads to your Buyers based on specific criteria i.e. LTV (Loan to Value).  You collect mortgage amount and and the property value but need to calculate the LTV to determine whether a lead should be distributed to a Buyer or not.  You would create a Calculated Field called LTV, which would generate a % value based off mortgage amount and property value.  [mortgageAmount]/[propertyValue]*100.

Create a Calculated Field
A Calculated Field can either be an Integer, Currency or Decimal.  The fields that the calculation is based on must also be either of these data types.  In the video below we are calculating LTV based on two other Custom Fields.  


Below is an example of a Calculated Field based on LoanAmount and MortgageValue.



Q. Can I calculate any field?
A. No, the data type of the fields you calculate must be either Decimal, Currency or Integer.

Q. Can I use Field Labels in my calculation?
A. Yes.

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