Adding contact to MailChimp


This article will aim to show you how to add subscribe leads to a particular list in MailChimp.


Getting Started

We have a prebuilt remote system to help you complete deliveries like this.


The URL will be pre-populated with the below:



Your instance will be provided by MailChimp and you can use the below article to get your list ID:



Scroll down to the advanced settings and enable "HTTP authentication". Add "user" into the Username field and your API Key from MailChimp into the Password field:



Delivery Body

Format your delivery like below:

"email_address": "[email]",
"status": "subscribed",
"merge_fields": {
"FNAME": "[firstname]",
"LNAME": "[lastname]"


If you have more fields you wish to send over to MailChimp, you'll need to add to the Merge field list.

The below article explains this in detail: 


Successful response

You'd be looking for a response which included "status": "subscribed". Anything else suggests that the email was not successfully added to your contact list!


As always please raise a support ticket with any issues you encounter.

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