Triggering a Responder via the REST API


If you're looking to manually trigger a Responder from an external source via the API, then this is the article for you.


Getting Started

In order to search via the REST API, you'll need a REST API key with the correct permissions.

Head to the Admin tab > Tech Hub > REST API to get started:

1) Create yourself an Administrator Key

2) Ensure the Administrator Key has the Trigger responders permission

3) Activate your Administrator Key


Triggering the Responder

In order to trigger the Responder, you'll be making a JSON Post to the below URL:


With the following body:

	"key": "[API KEY GOES HERE]",
	"leadId": 1234,
	"responderId": 4567


You'll find the lead ID next to each lead and the Responder ID on your responder page once you've set up the responder and set it as "Trigger > Manually using REST API". 

EG -  0ff7d4c0-ec07-4201-948e-6d6f252b59bb.png


Successful Response

	"status": "Success",
	"message": "See push results",
	"warnings": [
	"pushResults": [
			"responderId": "123",
			"pushId": "456",
			"queued": true,
			"status": "Queued",
			"leadId": 1234



Can I trigger multiple Responders at once?

Sure thing, replace the single Responder ID with the below - 

"responders": [


Can I trigger a specific Push on my Responder?

You can indeed, replace the Responder ID with "pushId", this ID can be found on your Responder settings - c9f0c6a7-c67a-414a-855e-4a7fdb893220.png


Further information can be found on the REST API key settings page.

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