Manually assign a lead to a buyer/delivery


You may need to manually assign a lead to a buyer/delivery without triggering an automation in LeadByte such as a delivery, responder etc. This is now possible.

How to access
Head over to your leads screen > tick the lead you want to assign to a buyer/delivery > scroll to the bottom of the screen > with selected > Assign buyer. 

You will be presented with the following modal


How to use
Simply select the buyer/delivery you want to assign to the selected lead and tick the actions you want to trigger the hit submit.

By default, no actions are selected. 


Can I select multiple leads to be assigned?
No. You can only assign one lead at a time.

Will the revenue against the delivery be auto-assigned?

How do I identify leads that have been manually assigned?
Select the ID of a lead and select Buyers or Deliveries. You will see the status as "Assigned".




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