Go High Level - Transferring data from Go High Level to LeadByte


You will need to head over to Automations > Workflows > Create workflow.
You will need to select the Trigger you want the webhook to action on. In the below example we want the webhook to trigger when an appointment has been booked.

See more on Workflows HERE


LeadByte Webhook 
We have created a GHL specific webhook that needs to be used to capture all information correctly. 


You will need to update the parts with the word "INSERT" with information specific to your account. 

1) INSERT.leadbyte will be replaced with your account name eg bigbigleads.leadbyte. This along with your campid can be found under Campaigns > Integration Guide. 

2) Your API will be found under ADMIN > TECH HUB > REST API. Further reading below - 

Create REST API Key

Adding the webhook URL

To add the webhook select the + icon and choose webhook. You will be presented with the below page. Give your webhook a name and add the webhook mentioned above once updated with your account name, key and campaign ID.



The importance of the naming of fields for storing lead data
When we receive the data from GHL we "match" the fields and values sent from GHL to the available fields against your LeadByte campaign.  If there is no match, we do not store the data against the lead so it is important that your field names match.

For example, if you want to capture the day and time of the booked appointment in GHL you will need to ensure you have created a custom field in Leadbyte called "calendar_startTime" else the value will not be stored against the lead.  In the screenshot below Sam Fletcher wants an appointment for Friday 18th February at 10am. 

This would be posted into LeadByte from GHL as "calendar_startTime": "2022-02-18T10:00:00"


Example data from GHL
Remember, this is based on a test account so your data will likely be different

    "contact_id": "pXMNBRmBvUWKygne6UfR",
    "first_name": "Sam",
    "last_name": "Fletchers",
    "full_name": "Sam Fletchers",
    "email": "testing@leadbyte.co.uk",
    "phone": "+441244911417",
    "tags": "",
    "country": "GB",
    "date_created": "2022-02-16T14:26:32.251Z",
    "company_name": "LeadByte",
    "contact_source": "facebook",
    "full_address": "",
    "contact_type": "lead",
    "location_name": "LeadByte",
    "location_fullAddress": "",
    "location_id": "QHZimLZkTacUj09sshKE",
    "calendar_id": "fTOBY6NWi8DTa0t0NSoM",
    "calendar_title": "Sam Fletchers",
    "calendar_calendarName": "Booking Request",
    "calendar_selectedTimezone": "Europe\/London",
    "calendar_appointmentId": "WqklKtTy9mT3MZIAcdAi",
    "calendar_startTime": "2022-02-18T10:00:00",
    "calendar_endTime": "2022-02-18T10:30:00",
    "calendar_status": "booked",
    "calendar_appoinmentStatus": "confirmed",
    "calendar_address": "",
    "calendar_date_created": "2022-02-16T14:27:23.791Z",
    "calendar_created_by": "Anthony Burgin",
    "calendar_created_by_user_id": "WCWE4iQLYekRZ62akrpj",
    "calendar_created_by_meta_source": "opportunities_page",
    "calendar_created_by_meta_channel": "web_app",
    "calendar_last_updated_by_meta_source": "opportunities_page",
    "calendar_last_updated_by_meta_channel": "web_app",
    "campid": "GHL-WEBHOOK"

Example of an appointment being booked arriving as a lead in LeadByte
In this video we show you how a contact moved to a booked appointment arrives into LeadByte as a lead.  


1. Why is GHL data not storing against the lead in LeadByte?
You need to be sure that the field exists in LeadByte.  

2. Is there a delay in receiving data from GHL?
You will receive the lead when the trigger runs in GHL

3. I can't see any leads from GHL in my LeadByte account!
Check your system rejections


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