Remote system responses



What is a Remote System response?

A remote system response is what Leadbyte uses to mark an API delivery as successful or otherwise.

This response is returned by the receiving remote system.

Examples - 

HTTP status 200.



This section can be found in Campaign delivery settings:




How to map your remote system responses.

This is bespoke for each system so refer to the integration guide or contact your buyer for more information.



Match By: Keyword

In the below example, every delivery response returned which contains the word 'Valid' would be marked as 'Success'


Example responses:

{"code": 0, "response": "valid"}

{"code":1, "response": "invalid"}

Both of the above examples would be marked as success as they contain the word "valid"



Match By: Exact Match

Here, the system would be looking for an exact match on only the word 'Valid' without anything else.


Example responses:

{"code": 0, "response": "valid"}

{"code":1, "response": "invalid"}

Both of the above responses will be marked as unsuccessful as they contain more than just the value "valid".


We would need to use the asterisk symbol to exclude the parts of the response we can ignore


Using the above screenshot, the below examples would be marked as successful:

{"code": 0, "response": "valid"}

{"status": "accepted", "id": "12345", "marked_as": "valid"}



Match By: HTTP Status


In this case, the system would be looking for a specific HTTP code in the response.

Warning - a HTTP Status of 200 does NOT necessarily mean the lead has been marked as successful. ALWAYS check with your buyer/integration guide before setting this as your success response.



Marking successful responses

Only system responses  with the 'Success' checkbox marked will be counted as such.

Anything else will be deemed a failure


In the above example, the green checkbox will be marked as a successful delivery, whereas the red checkbox will not


If you wish to store sections of the response to a lead field, the below article is for you - 


As always, please raise a support ticket with any questions.

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