Add call conversions from Ringba as a lead


Ringba is AWESOME call tracking software, you can read more here:

In this article, we shall take your through the steps on how to post a conversion event from Ringba into LeadByte as a Lead so you can report on your call revenue within LeadByte too.

WHY do this?
Have both your Call and Lead Revenue in LeadByte.

How does it work?
Within Ringba, you can set up a tracking pixel to fire to an end-point (i.e. LeadByte's API) when an event happens.  An event may be when a call lasts longer than 10 seconds for example.  So, when an event occurs in Ringba and the tracking pixel fires, a lead is created in LeadByte.

What should I consider before I set this up?
1. Consider creating Ringba as a Supplier in LeadByte so you can isolate lead revenue from calls
2. Create a specific delivery in LeadByte for Ringba to record revenue and store the lead against a Buyer 

How do I set this up?
Firstly, we advise that you fully understand how Ringba works.  They have a great video here for training.  We are not Ringba support, so you should speak to them if the setup in Ringba is not working i.e. the pixel is not firing.  Secondly, watch the video below on how we did a set up with a simple goal.

When a number is called, redirect to a destination (Buyers number) and regard the call to be a conversion if it lasts longer than 10 seconds.  When the call finishes, send the conversion as a lead into LeadByte as the Supplier Ringba and store the lead against a Buyer with a revenue amount of 50.

How to Video

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