Ping Post


Ping Post enables you to Ping your Buyers API with partial lead data and based on the response, create rules on whether or not you wish to Post the full lead data to your Buyer. 

When would it be used?
It's common in specific niches / industries and mainly in the USA.  Most direct Buyers that welcome PingPost would be using their own CRM or a system like LeadByte.  It is also common with aggregators that "market-place" their lead trading.

Why would I use Ping Post?
As a Lead Seller, you not only want to maximise the amount of revenue per lead but also ensure that Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is exposed as little as possible before selling the lead.  The "Ping" element enables you to send partial data to the Buyer for them to make a decision as to whether they want the lead or not.  If they want the lead, they would make an offer / bid i.e. £15.  If you are willing to sell the lead for £15 then you can "Post" the full data to them.

How do I set up Ping Post in LeadByte?
To set up Ping post you will firstly need the Buyers API guide, which outlines what URL to Ping and what data to include in the ping.  It will also contain the Post URL and what data to Post.  Once you have the docs, you can go about setting up the Ping Post delivery on your account as below.

Step 1
Create a New Delivery and Select Ping Post


Step 2
Create your Ping request and set the logic for determining what is successful to Post


Step 3

Create your Post request and set what the success response should be


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