SMS link tracking (secure domain error)


If you'd like to use our SMS Tracking and for it to be secure then you'll need to do the following:


1. Register the SSL certificate for the exact subdomain, or a wildcard SSL certificate if you want to secure the whole domain.

You should use a reputable CA (certificate authority) such as Digicert, GeoTrust, GoDaddy, and Symantec


2. Download the following PEM files from the CA (certificate authority) and send them to us in a password protected ZIP file (remember to supply the password using a separate channel!):

Certificate body (PEM-encoded)
Certificate private key (PEM-encoded)
Certificate chain (PEM-encoded) - optional in some cases, but required if using “Let’s Encrypt”

Additional prerequisites for certificate requirements can be found here:

3. We install the certificate on our system

(There is a limit of 1 domain/certificate per client)


4. YOU set a diary reminder to renew your certificate and send it to us at least 7 days before the expiry date.

We strongly advise against self-signed certificates but if your business requires this then please renew your certificate at least once per year.

This is your responsibility and not ours (including remembering to renew). We will not prompt you about the renewal.

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