Field Glossary


This article will provide you will more information on fields and functions.


Guide - Show or hide from your integration guide.
If "required" is "Yes" this field will show on the guide at all times. If "no" is selected you have the option to show or hide.



Mask - Encrypt incoming data.
1) Anonymmise Hash - Data becomes meaningless.
Email address (Not hashed) =
Email address (Hashed) = f339ecbf13770xxx

2) Anonymmise Removal - Removes the data. This is only available on optional fields.



Accepted Values - Set the values you want to accept. 

Some of the fields have the option to choose what values you want to accept- this can be found by clicking 'Options' on the right hand side. This can be a useful tool if you have a field that is open to free type. "Exact Value" is where you need to type the "Exact" value you want to accept. If this section is left blank all values will be accepted. 

The below screenshot is an example of the accepted values for the 'Title' field:




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