Transfer Data from Click Funnels to LeadByte


Click Funnels is an awesome system that enables you to build Lead or Sales conversion pages. This article outlines the steps you need to take to submit registration data from Click Funnels to LeadByte. 

Note, we are not integrated with ClickFunnels.  To move data from Click Funnels to LeadByte you will need to either push the data to Zapier (or equivalent), use a LeadByte Form or have a developer build a custom script.

I want to... have a developer build a custom script

If you do not want to use Zapier or our forms but instead do it yourself, you will need to use Click Funnels Web Hooks. You will need to catch the Webhook then post the data to LeadByte via our API.

I am happy to transfer to Zapier in to LeadByte

Step 1
Select ClickFunnels and connect to your account and setup the trigger.

Step 2
Set up the Webhook GET to LeadByte. Watch here if you are not sure how:


But... It should look something like this (below)



Click Funnels --> Zapier --> LeadByte


I am happy to transfer to Zapier in to LeadByte

Building forms is not our focus, but we do have a form builder that enables you to create a basic stacked form and embed direct within ClickFunnels as a Custom Element.

Step 1
Build your form in LeadByte.  Forms are a permission.  You can access this under Campaigns > Forms.  You will need to publish the form, grab the code to add to the ClickFunnels element.


Step 2
Add the custom element to your Click Funnels page. 
This is where you need to paste in the LeadByte Form Code (as below).

There are much better form builders out there (to be honest) that focus 100% as being the best form builder in the market.  We would recommend TypeForm or LeadsHook.

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