Lead Quarantine


Leads are either accepted (valid) by a campaign, rejected (invalid) or quarantined.  Quarantining leads will not always be suitable or relevant to your set up but this article aims to explain how to set up lead quarantine, how it works and provide context as to why you would use it.

Where to access quarantined leads
Under the leads tab.


How quarantine works
When a lead is flagged to be quarantined, it is neither a valid or an invalid lead.  It is held in a state of pending until the lead is processed by a user manually or automatically (using auto-release).  To process leads manually you can either select a single leads or all leads using the option shown below.


How to set up lead quarantine

There are two places where you can set up lead quarantine - under campaign > settings and filters.  If you want to quarantine all leads against your campaign, you would do it under campaign settings as illustrated below.  When you enable lead quarantine here, all leads will be held in quarantine until you process them.  You have the option to auto-release quarantined leads, which may prove useful if you have good intentions to review your leads but don’t get round to doing it quick enough.

With filters, you have the option to either accept, reject or quarantine leads. If you only want to quarantine specific leads, you would set up a filter to do so.  You have the option to auto-release quarantined leads too.

(Campaign Settings)

(Campaign Filters)

Quarantined Leads - Context.
Let’s assume you’ve just started out generating HIGH value leads in the insurance niche.  You’ve set up real-time validation, enabled rules such as profanity checking, whether names have vowels/consonants but you still want to eye-ball every lead that comes in to be sure it looks legit.  You may even decide to telephone qualify the lead with a quick call to confirm intent.  Lead quarantine would serve a purpose!

1. Can I UPDATE leads in Quarantine via the API?  No

2. My leads are not being Quarantined, what would be the reason?  Quarantine only works if you import leads or submitted via the REST API as opposed to the classic.  

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