Connecting Gravity Forms to LeadByte


Gravity Forms is a popular form builder in the WordPress community.  There are many out there including the likes of Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms and many others.  For this to work, you will need the Gravity Forms Webhook Add-On.  Further reading is available here about the service:

Posting form data from Gravity Forms is striaght forward, here are X steps to get you set up!

Step 1 - Create LeadByte Campaign
Make sure that you have created your LeadByte Campaign and set the fields that you want to post to from your Gravity Forms form.

Step 2 - Generate Integration Guide For LeadByte Campaign
Create your integration guide (how to post data into LeadByte).  You will need to make note of:
- The POST URL i.e.
- The name of the fields i.e. email, firstname (this will be used in your Gravity Forms field mapping)

Step 3 - Create New Webhook In Gravity Forms
Once you have installed the Add-On you can create a new Webhook, you will need to fill in the blanks, (please see below example).  The Request URL will need your account name (i.e. replace demo).     The request format is JSON and you will need to add the field "key" and "campid" to the request body.


Step 4 - Test
Unfortunately (as of time of this article) there is no function to send a test lead through so you need to publish the changes on your site and submit a lead.

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