Connecting PaperForm to LeadByte


Paperform allows you to build awesome forms!

The steps below will help you post direct into LeadByte - Good Luck!

Step 1 - Edit Form
Select "After Submissions" and select "Integrations & Webhooks"



Step 2 - Add Webhook
You need to enter in the LeadByte Campaign Post String, it will look something like this:


You need to build the post string for your campaign and use the Paperform variables to populate with the correct values.

Example Form
Example WebHook{{ 75m8e }}&email={{ 3cl8r }}&car_make={{ 70l5a }}

Video How To (double click to open)


If you test the WebHook, LeadByte will likely reject the lead as PaperForm does not submit an actual email address.  You are therefore better off testing using a live form.

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