Connecting Typeform to LeadByte


There are two ways to get form registration data into LeadByte from Type from:

1. Using the Redirect on completion feature (now called "Endings")
2. Webhook to Zapier, Zapier to LeadByte 

There is no direct integration from TypeForm to LeadByte.

Redirect on completion (Endings in Type Form)
When the form is completed you have the option to redirect to a URL.  This redirect can be your LeadByte lead submission URL.  In order to get your LeadByte posting URL you'll need to generate an integration guide. Instructions on how to do this can be found here - Step 5 - Generating an integration guide.  You simply need to replace the tags with the TypeForm tags to ensure that the values are posted from TypeForm to LeadByte.  There are various forum threads about how to do this; this thread seems to cover it:


Your Endings URL would look something like this in TypeForm:

How to build the redirect URL to post data to LeadByte

This video shows you how to build the redirect ending (submitting registration data into LeadByte).  NOTE, if the UI is different this article is outdated.  Let us know!


In the event that you need to redirect to a Thank You page you have, you can add that URL into LeadByte under Campaign Redirects.  From TypeForm, the user will submit the form; the redirect function will post the data to LeadByte and LeadByte will redirect to your page of choice.


The following video shows you a TypeForm form submission which then redirects to a LeadByte thank you page which was added to the Campaign redirects section within LeadByte.  The video shows you that by using the correct tags in TypeForm, the data is submitted correctly into LeadByte.



Webhook to Zapier, Zapier to LeadByte 
You can push data from TypeForm to Zapier to them push it back into LeadByte.  This video wil take you through how to post data from Zapier to LeadByte:

Don't hesitate to raise a support ticket if you encounter any issues.

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