Transferring Data From LeadByte To Go High Level


This article shows you what you need to do to transfer your lead data from LeadByte to a GHL Marketing Campaign and Adding a Contact.

Marketing Campaign
For this to work you will need to have A Marketing Campaign in GHL


With every Marketing Campaign a Campaign ID is generated.  This is required in the JSON Delivery POST from LeadByte.  When you create a contact in GHL to start a Marketing Campaign you not only need to pass over the personal data but also declare for what Marketing Campaign ID.

LeadByte Delivery Set Up

The delivery in LeadByte is a JSON POST request. 
The Request URL is:

Example JSON Body

"campaign_id": "ENTER_YOUR_ID",
"first_name": "[firstname]",
"last_name": "[lastname]",
"phone": "[phone1]",
"extrafield": "[ssid]"

In the above example we have created the custom field called "extrafield".  The JSON is how you would pass in a value to that field.


The success response for Go High Level can be handled using a Status 200 OK

Adding a Contact

1. When adding a contact, you need to use a different Request URL:

2. Your JSON is different if you are using custom fields (example below) and your field names are different

JSON Body example

"firstName": "[firstname]",
"lastName": "[lastname]",
"phone": "[phone1]",
"customField": {
"extrafield": "ExtraTest"

3. You need to use Header Authorization.  Example below in LeadByte delivery.  You get the Bearer token in GHL under Settings > Company.




More information here

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