Go High Level - Adding a contact


Adding Lead as a Contact in GHL

You have 2 options when choosing to connect to GHL. 

1 - LeadByte App
2 - Custom

To successfully add a contact follow the below steps:

Option 1 -  LeadByte App

1. Main Details

- Create a new delivery
- Select the trigger & campaign you want to target
- Action will be "Direct Post" & Remote system will be "Go High Level - Add Contact". 
You will notice the URL will auto-populate once the remote system has been selected. 


2. Add API key

Head down to the section called "Go High Level Configuration", add your GHL API key and hit "Get Fields". Doing this will pull your fields from GHL into LeadByte for you to map. 


3. Data Mapping

Next, you need to map LeadByte fields to the correct GHL fields. This is done by selecting the correct fields from left to right shown below.



4. Test and Save

The only thing left to do is test and save at the bottom of the page. 

Example successful test



Option 2 -  Custom

1. Main Details

- Create a new delivery
- Select the trigger & campaign you want to target
- Action will be "Direct Post" & Remote system will be "JSON Post"
- Add the following URL https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/contacts/

See an example below.


2. Adding the Payload

You will need to add the GHL payload to the LeadByte "Payload builder" as shown below:

Remember, you need to make sure the GHL labels added to the payload builder match what you created in GHL.

Note: To create/access your GHL custom fields go to the sub-account you want to send the leads to > Setting > Custom Fields. 


Feel free to copy and paste the below template to your delivery

"email": "[email]",
"name": "[firstname] [lastname]",
"city": "[towncity]",
"state": "[data1]",
"address1": "[street1]",
"postalCode": "[postcode]",
"phone": "[phone1]",
"customField": {
"lead_image": "[data3]",
"county": "[county]"


Common mistake: GHL field key shows "contact." in front of the field in question. This will need to be removed when adding it to the payload. 

Shows in GHL as: contact.how_should_we_contact_you
Add to the LeadByte payload as: how_should_we_contact_you

3. Adding the GHL API Key

Get the API key, you will need to add this to your LeadByte Delivery as a Header
You should find this under Company Settings.  


Select "Add Custom Header" and add the word Authorization in the first box then Bearer {api_value} in the following box.



4. Match GHL response code
Select "Add New Response Row" under "Remote System Response" select Match by "HTTP Status" then "200 OK" like shown below.


Make sure you test the delivery using the "Test" button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I book an appointment in GHL from LeadByte? 

See How to book an appointment in a calendar

My contact is not showing in GHL but I am getting a successful response. 
This is likely due to a missing phone number.  Make sure that the name, phone and email are being sent over to ensure that the lead is stored in GHL.

How do I add a lead to a sub account based on State?
You would need to use delivery rules. Create a delivery and add a rule which matches the State the buyer requires leads in. You will then pass the State in with the lead. If the State matches the delivery will trigger.

Date of birth is not showing correctly in GHL, why? 
GHL require the data format to be sent as YYYY/MM/DD. Make sure this format has been selected under the "Options' section for DOB.

More on delivery rules here: https://support.leadbyte.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360018810251-Using-Rules-In-Your-Delivery

NOTE: We are not GHL experts but MAY be able to point you in the right direction if you come across any issues. Alternatively, please reach out to GHL or you can access their API docs here https://public-api.gohighlevel.com/


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