Connecting to HubSpot


To add contacts to HubSpot you will need the following:

  • Your API key
  • The names of the field labels set in your HubSpot account. eg "First_name", "email" etc

Your first step is creating your Delivery, connecting your Campaign and enabling the remote system section by selecting "Another system" as the "Deliver to" option. When the remote system pops you need to select "Hubspot JSON" as shown below.



You will notice the URL pop with a prefilled posting string. This is a generic path used by HubSpot to direct leads to their system. Your unique is your API KEY which you add to the end of the URL seen in the below example.

NOTE: At the time this article was created the above URL is correct. That being said, we would always advise you to check your HubSpot posting instructions.

The next step is setting your JSON. Here is an example layout requested by HubSpot:


"Property" is the name of the label set in HubSpot and "Value" is where you add your LeadByte tags using the "Show tag help" button. 

When your JSON is set you will see a section called "Sample Values" where you can see example data and customise your data output options like DOB format or data translations. 


Once done, set the required success response under "Remote System Response" as HTTP Status 200 OK and you are ready to test. 

When testing you may get an error back from HubSpot. The most common error we see is field names incorrectly named in the LeadByte post or the field you are trying to post to has not yet been created in HubSpot. If that is the case please correct the error and re-test.

The below example error is stating the field "Emaillssss" does not exist which is correct as the label should be "Email".



Q. Does the Hubspot API reject leads if the contact is a duplicate?
A. Yes, using the API: you will get back a rejection response for contacts that already exist.  i.e. {"status":"error","message":"Contact already exists. Existing ID: 1234567890","correlationId":"ce247bd2-7d30-416a-afaa-xxxxxxxxxxxx","category":"CONFLICT"}.  Remember to check with your Buyer, it should be included in an integration guide.

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