I want to pause my delivery out of business hours


If you're sending leads to a buyer who only wants them during their business hours or if you're sending leads directly to a dialler system - You may need to "pause" the delivery between certain hours, the options to perform this are below:

Pause between


The pause between function highlighted above will "pause" leads being delivered between the hours of 5pm and 9am. In other words, the delivery will only send leads during standard business hours.

Leads received outside of these "delivering" hours will be queued for automatic sending at 9am.

This function works on deliveries which send 7 days a week.

The above feature is NOT compatible with advanced distribution.

If you are using advanced distro OR you want to limit your delivery based on days of the week, you will need to use the below.


Rules on received field

You can also stop your delivery from firing by setting rules against the lead received field.

Example: Image_2020-07-16_at_10.24.38_AM.png

In the example above, the delivery will only fire if the conditions of Received days are Monday - Friday (hidden in screenshot) and the Received time is between 09.00 > 17.00

Leads received outside of this timeframe will not be delivered BUT they will also not be queued automatically for sending. You will need to do this yourself manually.

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