Projected Revenue


Our Projected Revenue feature allows you to see a true return for the leads you are selling based on factors like returned leads.  

For example, you may be paid £10 per lead for 100 leads in a given month which equates to £1000 in revenue. However, the following month your buyer returns 25 leads which means your true revenue would be £750, not £1000. This may be a regular occurrence so this feature would provide you with a better forecast on future payments.

You can adjust SUPPLIER and BUYER payout.

Follow the step below to enable on your campaigns and deliveries.

If you are working on a BUYER DELIVERY ACCEPT (PPBA) model you would set the SUPPLIER adjustment at the campaign level but the BUYER adjustment on the delivery level.





If you are working on SYSTEM ACCEPT model (PPLA) you would set the SUPPLIER and BUYER adjustments on the campaign level.



You can access extra columns on your reports by ticking the below box prior to running your report. This will show you a side by side view of your standard revenue vs your projected revenue. 


You can also update your view on your lead screen to see both standard revenue and projected revenue.












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