Accessing your SMS Logs


We provide you with a log of all SMS messages sent to leads. Either through the Responders, or through our Bulk SMS function.


Head over to the Responders tab (or Bulk if your SMS were sent through this function) and select SMS logs from the options.


Accessing the logs will allow you to search for messages using:

  • Date and Time
  • Campaign
  • Responder
  • Push
  • Lead ID | Phone number | Email address

Below you can see an example of an SMS message that was sent. The example gives you a breakdown of information linked to the given send such as message body, URL, time sent and more. 


The above information can be useful when dealing with customer or internal queries. 



Q. My messages are all reading as "Pending", have they been sent?

A. We are at the mercy of our SMS provider reporting on the deliverability of each message. It's most likely that your SMS has been sent successfully and we haven't been updated yet. Reach out if you have any concerns.

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