Where to find Buyer or 3rd party rejections


You will likely come across leads being rejected by your buyer/3rd party system when sending lead OUT of your account. This article aims to explain where and how to access this information.


Head to the Lead screen> Click on the lead ID in question > Deliveries > Delivery Data. 

You will be shown the original response from the buyer/system plus the error.


The response is the exact response your buyer has returned. If your Buyers response is too big for the box, click on the response itself and LeadByte will open a fresh tab with this information.


We only store delivery information for 60 days, so you won't be able to access the information after this time period has passed.


Reports - 

We offer a couple of reports which may help you in summarising your buyer rejections.

- Buyer Summary Report
- Delivery Response Report

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