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This service is charged as a "bolt-on", please check that you have been given access.

There are numerous ways to get back the result of whether a lead was sold/unsold. 
They are as follows:

1. Using WebHooks
You submit a lead and the WebHook posts the outcome to an end point of your choice.

2. POST and POLL
With this option you submit leads to LeadByte using the REST API and Poll a URL for an update.

3. Open Connection
This is where you submit to a URL, which automatically handles #2 (above) and returns the response.  This is what is covered below.

Open Connection

How it works...
We own and operate the domain WebFormSubmit.  This is used to provide various script based services to our clients including our Open Connection Service "Wait Submit".  This script uses the REST API to Submit a Lead and Poll for an update.  It eliminates the need for you to write and host the script yourself (although this is advised).

Common use cases...
This is mostly used with our clients that generate traffic to their websites and want to show a custom thank you page based on where the lead was successfully assigned (AKA, where the lead was sold).

How to implement

Step 1
Create an Administrator REST API Key with the permission to CREATE Leads and READ the API Queue
Step 2
Under the API Queue Settings within the REST API Key, select the Buyer data you want returned

Note: If you ONLY want to return Sold Buyer data de-select the buyer status Unsold from the "Included buyer statuses field".

Step 3
You will need to Authorise your Domain, IP or Key.  If you are making requests from your website you need to authorise the domain.  If you are making requests from your server (using a script) you will need to authorise the IP(s).  If you are submitting from a server where IP's are in a shared pool (not fixed) then you will need to authorise your REST API Key.  Further reading on Authorised Domains here 

Step 4
Change your POST URL to 

You can see a test using this whole process here:


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