Connecting to Google Sheets


This article aims to take you through the process of being able connect to a Google Sheet so you can transfer leads to it.  Transferring leads to a Google Sheet is most commonly used by clients where the Buyer does not have an API but operate via Google Sheets.

Creating a Google Sheet Delivery
When you add a new Delivery, you need to select the Action "Direct Post" using the Method "Google Sheets".  By default, the simplified method is selected (recommended) and the URL will be added.  We advise that you do not change the URL.

Once you have done this, you will have the option to "Authorise Access" (connect) under the Google Sheets Integration section.  Here follows the steps to connect to a Google Sheet and send a test lead:


Here are the steps

1. Authorise to get the code.
2. Copy the code into the Delivery field "Authorisation Code".
3. Enter in the Google Sheet ID
4. Ensure your Input Fields are mapped correctly to your Google column headers (output Fields)
4. Test the Delivery.
5. Check the test request has arrived.





Q. How do I get the spreadsheet ID?
A. It's in the URL as per the video

Q. How do I make sure the data is mapped correctly to my Google Sheet column headers?
A. Make sure the LeadByte Output Fields in the Delivery match the Google Sheet column headers

Q. How do I push the data to a specific tab in the Google Sheet
A You should use the Spreadsheets tab name field on the Delivery to enter in the Field tab name 

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