Connecting to Google Sheets


The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have access to Google Sheets pre-configured remote system. If you dont please raise a support ticket and one of the team will be able to provide you access.



Once the remote system has been selected the URL will populate with the endpoint required plus an additional authorisation section.

In this section, you need to authorise and link your Google account. To get started click Get new client id and client secret.




When clicked you will be taken to in a new window. Please select Enable the google sheets API and choose Desktop App.




You will be provided with the credentials needed to link your account. Copy the required information over to your LeadByte delivery. 




Click Authenticate. You will be redirected to Googles auth page to capture your auth code, copy the given code into Client Auth Code on the delivery in question then hit Save.




Finally, you need to identify which sheet you want to send the lead too. This can be found in the URL of your Google sheet in-between /d/ & /edit:




You are good to go!

NOTE - Once you have selected your fields for delivery and pushed a lead you can not update the existing integration with additional fields. A new connection will need to be made. This also applies to updating field labels.

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