Updating Received Field For Suppressed Leads


If you ever have need to update the received timestamp on a lead in your suppression campaigns, the below process will explain how to perform this.

An example of when this would be useful is if you want to update the received date on your suppression campaign leads as you delete them after X days. By updating the received date, the leads updated won't be automatically deleted!

Step 1 

Ensure you have this box checked on your suppression campaign advanced settings:


Step 2

Now when you import > update leads into your Suppression campaign you will see an additional checkbox:



By ticking the box above, any leads which are matched will have their received timestamps updated to the time of import.


Please note

This will only work with suppression campaigns.  The Date format must be: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

This will only work using "import > update leads" and as such please make sure you have a field in your import file to "match" leads in your suppression campaign. Lead ID would be perfect, but other fields can also be utilised.  


If you have any other questions please feel free to raise a support ticket.


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