IP Address Validation


Our IP validation service is great for resolving issues when you only want to accept leads within a given country and reducing costs by utilizing the results of the real-time lookup.

How it works
Once an IP address is provided we ping a check to identify the location of the IP. You can then determine what you want to do with that information like accept or reject a lead.

You have a few different options when choosing where to check your data.

1) Campaign Level
Select edit or create a new campaign and scroll down to a section called "Validation Services". Select enable and configure your options. This will turn on validation for real-time leads and the option to select IP validation when importing a file into a campaign. 


You may want to use live validation on your forms. If so you will need to create a key and configure your requirements under ADMIN > TECH HUB > REST API. Once done follow the instructions provided at the bottom of the page to embed on your given form.

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3) Verify (Bulk upload tool)
We give you the ability to take a file, import it into the system and populate the result to the original file. To do this head over to the tab named "Verify" here:



This is a paid service, raise a support ticket for information on our pricing.

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