Email Validation


Our email validation service is great for resolving issues with email delivery and reducing costs by utilising the results of the real-time lookup.

How it works
Once an email address is provided, we ping a check to the domain in question such as Gmail, Hotmail etc who will respond with the status of the email. This could be status such as "Email does not exist" to "Email address valid". You can then determine what you want to do with that information like accept or reject a lead.

You have a few different options when choosing to check your data.

1) Campaign Level
Select edit or create a new campaign and scroll down to a section called "Validation Services". Select enable and configure your options. This will turn on validation for real-time leads and the option to select email validation when importing a file into a campaign. 


You may want to use live validation on your data capture forms. If so you will need to create a key and configure your requirements under ADMIN > TECH HUB > REST API. Once done follow the instructions provided at the bottom of the page to embed on your given form.


3) Verify (Bulk upload tool)
We give you the ability to take a file, import it into the system and populate the result to the original file. To do this head over to the tab named "Verify" here:



Tier 2? Where is Tier 1?

Yes the service is called Tier 2, but this is the only Email validation service we offer. The name is a legacy from a past service. 


Unknown? Risky? Role Addresses?

We allow you to reject leads based on certain statuses returned by the Email validation service.

An Unknown status means the service sent the request but the domain didn't respond in a timely fashion OR responded with a strange result. 

A Risky status means the domain responded but wasn't clear as to whether this was a real email address or not.

A Role Address is an address such as sales@, support@, admin@. Addresses which are typically reserved for roles in a company and not an actual person.


Is this a paid service?

Yes this is a paid service. Raise a support ticket for our pricing.

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