Creating email templates


Email Templates, which are located under Responders > Templates allow you to create an email template that can be used for (1) Email Responders and (2) on a Store lead Delivery when using the "on Success" send email feature.  This will help you save time by only having to create them once.

Email Responders
If you have an email template that you want to use across multiple Email Responders you can use the Email Template to pull the content into a push.  There are three options when creating the template as listed below.



Option 1 - Import from URL


Enter a URL you want to take the HTML from for your email. Bear in mind you will have to attach pictures separately and for that reason we would recommend that you host images remotely so you do not need to upload images to LeadByte.


Option 2 - Import from ZIP


You will need to Import a ZIP file which contains all HTML and images.


Option 3 - Paste in code 


 If you have the HTML code to hand or you are capable of writing your own code, this section can be used.  Again, remember that if your images are not hosted you will need to import them.


The Full Editor pane can be used to make any tweaks to your template before saving.  Once you've completed your template, you can select it for use by editing your responder push and selecting a template from the "create from" options



Buyer Delivery
If you deliver leads to Buyers via email you can use templates to pull through the content.  This feature is available on the Store Lead delivery option where you can use the "on success, trigger email" feature.

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