Lead Updates


We provide a number of update actions that can be done via the REST API.  You can find all possible updates below, remember for further information please refer to LeadByte documentation from within the portal.

Lead Financials Update
This is an administrator update, providing you (the user) the ability to update the Payout awarded to the Supplier and/OR the Revenue associated to the lead.  This is commonly used by clients that work an "offline" sales model.  An example of this would be a call centre that awards a payout to a supplier when they switch a customer for a new mobile phone contract.  They may also wish to update the Revenue to keep the P&L of a campaign in reporting accurate.

The first thing you need to do is create a REST API key that has the permission enabled for "lead financials update" (see below).

To update the payout and/OR revenue associated to a lead the lead needs to be marked as "Approved" in the first instance.  It is not possible to update the financials against a lead that has been marked as rejected/unsold.  Below is an example of an update request, if successful you will see "status": "Success".  NOTE: The lead does not need to have a Buyer associated to it, however it is good practise for your reporting to have this.

[PUT] https://{account}.leadbyte.co.uk/restapi/v1.2/leadfinancials
			"key": "822acf66313a480c9fde66d8fce8fb7f",
			"leads": [
			"newPayout": 80.00,
			"newRevenue": 120.00,
			"BID": "33"
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