Submitting Leads via REST API


In order to submit leads via the REST API, you'll need to set up your API key.

Head to the Admin tab > Tech Hub > REST API to get started:

Step 1) Select Add new API Key and choose the type of key you need to create (Administrator or Supplier for submitting leads). Please note: A Supplier API Key will be assigned to a single SID whereas an Administrator key can utilise any SID. 



Step 2) Set the permissions of the REST API key. For submitting via the REST API, you'll just need to grant access to Create Leads and Read the API queue.

If submitting via Landingi, you'll also need to grant access to Read Campaigns also. Click here for more detail on submitting via Landingi.



Step 3) If you need assistance in writing the REST API post to submit a lead, scroll down the page and we provide some examples you can use alongside the response you should be expecting.


You can also generate an Integration Guide to show you the posting format, just make sure you choose Optimised REST API when generating the guide:



Step 4) Ensure you activate this API key once set up, otherwise it won't be classed as a valid key, and you won't be able to use it.



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