Report Glossary


Unsure of what a column header on your report means? The below glossary should provide some clarity!

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Simply Control + F your header below:


Campaign - Name of the campaign

Supplier - Name of the supplier providing the leads

Leads - Volume of leads within your campaign

Valid - Leads that have been processed and added to the campaign successfully.

Invalid - Leads that have been rejected by LeadByte and have not entered your campaign

Pending - Leads in the queue ready for process or waiting on a response

Rejections - Leads which have been rejected by your buyer/remote system

Approved - Leads which have been accepted by your buyer/remote system

Returns - Leads returned by your buyer

Supplier Cost - Total cost of the leads you owe your supplier

Email Cost - Total cost of the emails sent through your campaign

SMS Cost - Total cost of the SMS sent through your campaign

Validation Cost - Total cost of any validation performed on leads

Revenue - Total revenue created from this campaign

Profit - The total revenue minus any costs for this campaign

Currency - The currency set when the campaign was created

SSID - These are your suppliers sub sources. Having SSID is important if you want to track supplier performance as a granular level.

Conversion Rate (CR%) - % of valid leads provided by the supplier OR % of approved leads accepted by the buyer/remote system

eCPL (Effective Cost Per Lead)
Supplier Cost/Valid Leads - Total cost per lead p/valid lead.

eRPL (Effective Revenue Per Lead)
Revenue / Valid Leads - Total revenue p/valid lead.

eRPA (Effective Revenue Per Approved)
Revenue / Approved Leads - Total revenue p/approved lead.

Returns (%) - Percentage of leads returned by the buyer

Responder - Name of the responder

Push - Name of the push set-up under the responder

Sent - Total number of emails sent

Delivered - Total number of messages (email and SMS) successfully delivered

Opened - Shows the total and percentage of emails which have been opened

Clicks - Shows the total and percentage of links which have been clicked

Conversions - Total number of converted leads

Bounces - Shows the total and percentage of emails which have bounced back - Undeliverable

Unsubscribes - Shows the total and percentage

Messages Sent - SMS specific, this is the number of messages sent. Each message could be made of multiple SMS.

SMS Sent - Each SMS is 160 characters in length. This number will be more than or equal to the messages sent depending on how many characters your message contains.

Rejected - Total number of messages rejected by the network. No delivery attempted

Pending - When relating to SMS these are sent messages which are waiting on a delivery status response from the network

Undelivered - Messages which could not be delivered to the handset. Ask us about HLR validation if you want to bring this number down

Delivered - Total number of messages successfully delivered to the handset

Job Ref - A unique number given to each import

Filename - The name you assign to each import/export

Records in file - Total number of leads in each file

Imported - Total number of successfully imported leads

Duplicates - Number of duplicates  found in

  1. Imported file - Duplicate leads found within the file
  2. This campaign - Duplicate leads found when checking the campaign leads are being imported into
  3. Other campaigns - Duplicate leads found when checking other campaigns linked in your deduplication setup

Cap Rejections - Total number of leads rejected due to hitting the campaign caps

Validation Errors - Total number of leads which were rejected due to failing their validation checks

Total Rejected - Total number of rejected leads from this import

Export Ref - A unique number given to each export

User - The user who performed the export

List - The campaign the user exported from

Delivery Reference - The reference (name) you gave the delivery when setting it up

Rejection Code - The reason your leads were rejected

Count - Total times this error occured


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